Saturday, February 9, 2019

Europe to Patagonia: Argentina Guided DIY Fly Fishing

Why work with a Guided DIY Service?

Because unlike other Patagonia fly-fishing business models/services, our guided DIY fishing programs focus 100% on fishing.  Due to our unique program, our client's catch great fish and report:

Hi Mark.

We had a great time!  Your guides were great blokes and weren't adverse to a bit of fun, which makes for great fishing days!

Your guides really know their stuff, and we had great days drifting and walk-wading with them.  We saw beautiful sights and caught some really nice fish.  The rivers we fished were beautiful waters and are truly great natural treasures.

Each evening, your partner spent time with us, reviewing the day to relive our triumphs.  We are really glad we had your crew on the floats and wading, and we learned something that helped us on our journey further south.

Thanks for the excellent service, and we'll be in contact for our return trip.  

Boris, Martin, Marian & Peter.  Europe

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Minnesota to Patagonia: Argentina Guided DIY Fly Fishing

Why work with a guided DIY service?

Because unlike other Patagonia fly-fishing business models/services, our guided DIY fishing programs focus 100% on fishing.  Due to our unique program, our client's catch great fish and report:

We had an excellent time fishing with First Cast Fly Fishing.  Mark was very easy to work with and provided a wealth of information that was helpful for planning our trip.

The guides were truly top notch and worked hard to consistently put us in position to catch fish.  Overall it was a wonderful experience and we hope to come back in the coming years.
D. Patterson. St. Paul, MN. USA

To the Patterson's and all other clients, thank you for working with us!  

PS.  If you are looking for a 50% off, non-lodge like fishing experience, please read more -- we have posted tons of travel/fishing information on this blog.  Or, you are welcome to call us -- you'll quickly learn why our service is among the very best in Patagonia.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Denver to Patagonia: Argentina Guided DIY Fly-Fishing Testimonial

My wife and I planned a bucket list trip to Patagonia in December of 2018.  As we web searched for DIY fly fishing options in Patagonia, we were fortunate enough to find Mark Foley of First Cast Fly Fishing.  My wife and I met with Mark in Denver.  Mark gave us some good suggestions for areas to explore on our own, and he also set up three days of guided floating on the Collon Cura and the famous Chimehuen Rivers, with his partner and fantastic guide.  His partner is a very knowledgeable capable guide, and he is also a lot of fun.  We stayed in a Cabana in Junin de Los Andes for $40 USD/night, and we provided our own food to reduce the cost of our trip.  Our two-person guided fishing was much cheaper than going with some of the expensive all-inclusive lodge’s in the area.  We would highly recommend you speak with Mark if you are planning a trip to the area.  We caught a number of nice Browns, Rainbows and even some Perca (Patagonian Bass) on the trip.  We are looking forward to consulting with Mark on our next trip to Patagonia.

Dan and Heather Charbonneau.  Denver, CO. USA

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Denver Fly Fishing Lessons in West Wash Park

Client Testimonial

I recently did the E.I. Fly 1X class with Mark.  It was one of the best three hours I've invested in my fly fishing career, and my only regret is not doing it sooner.  I not only benefited from Mark's unquestionable knowledge and experience, but the purposeful nature of every single exercise and drill that we did.  The session was organized and well thought out, with nothing left to chance.  Mark diagnosed and remedied flaws in my cast (many ten years in the making) and more importantly reprogrammed me both physically and mentally.  As a learner, it was important that I had the opportunity to not only understand cognitively but imprint the movements physically.  And, I left with specific things to work on before seeing Mark again for logical next steps.  The more I fish, the more I think money is almost always better spent learning than on more gear.  Though we have a wealth of world class guides here in Colorado, I know of no one that specializes in casting in such a organized and logical manner.  Anyone wanting to improve their casting---and fishing by extension---should take advantage of Mark Foley's expertise and teaching ability.

J. Lacy.  Denver, Colorado

Why First Cast Fly Fishing

I am not a fly shop employee teaching large classes, who may also sell guided trips or equipment.  I am not a trout-bum or full-time guide who thinks he/she can teach, but actually cannot.  I am not a certified instructor who unquestionably follows a manual or industry malarkey.  I am 100% teacher who works exclusively with your fly-fishing cognition and casting biomechanics. 

Class and Contact Information

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fly Fishing Lessons: West Washington Park, Denver Colorado

Hi Denver.

It's spring -- time for fly-fishing and casting lessons.  Lessons are held at west washington park, and field trips are offered to popular rivers. 

Why First Cast?

-  Our class size is never more than 4 students
-  Maximum 1:1 teaching time with a certified instructor
-  We teach to your level, both single and two hand casting
-  12 years old and under are FREE, when supervised by an adult

Don't Take our Word, Read Client Testimonials:

Recently while in Denver, I had the opportunity to work with Mark Foley to help tune my casting. Initially I had contacted Mark in regarding his guided DIY fly fishing in Argentina, which led me to see that he was also an FFI casting instructor and had recently relocated to Denver.  As opportunity would have it, I had 3 days in Denver that included a free morning -- so, I contacted Mark about a casting lesson.  After meeting at the agreed time Mark set up targets, at varying distances, and the lesson began with him watching my casting stroke.  As expected he noted both good and bad. In the next 3 hours, Mark worked on correcting my bad habits and expanding on the good. At the end of the session I was impressed with my progress, even with the 20+ mph wind that kicked up about halfway though the lesson. The 3 hours passed before I knew it, and my accuracy improved, as did my ability to deal with wind.  I was so impressed, for my next time in the Denver, I plan to schedule another lesson for myself. In short, I was very happy with my progress and highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to either learn to cast or improve their casting. Tight lines.  
D. Jennings. Grand Junction, CO. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fly-Fishing Lessons in Denver's Wash Park

Hi Denver.

It's spring -- time for fly-fishing and casting lessons.  Lessons are held at wash-park, and field trips are offered to popular rivers.  We have classes for all levels, but our most popular class is:

E.I. Fly™1X:  Beginner Level - Single Hand (On-Land Only)

This class is designed for true beginners, and/or a refresher for experienced anglers. We focus on vertical and horizontal plane casting body-brain cognition and mechanics. To get you started, we review rod set-up/balance, casting theory-instruction, and casting drills & skills. If you are an intermediate or advanced angler looking to fix bad casting habits, this is a great class for you.

2nd Most Popular Class: Advance Casting Class with Video

A video, not a picture, is worth ten thousands words.  We offer an advance casting class which utilizes several video formats (i.e., real-time, instant playback, slow-motion, etc).  We can easily diagnose casting issues, and immediately create a plan to fix them.

Video example of vertical plane casting -- this client has a handful of issues that can be easily corrected.

Another example of vertical plane casting -- notice the crisp stop and nearly no wrist hinging. 

More Class Information:

Contact Us:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Guided DIY Fishing Sea Run Brown Trout: From Canada to Rio Gallegos Argentina

I had the opportunity this past month to use First Cast Fly Fishing to arrange a guide for three days of sea trout fishing on Rio Gallegos.  FCFF provided me with an outstanding guide who put me on nice Sea Run Brown Trout and numerous resident Brown Trout.  The only other alternative to fish this river would have been to book a week long, very expensive stay at a lodge.  Their guided DIY fishing program was an outstanding way to weave some fishing into a sightseeing vacation at a very reasonable cost.  I would strongly recommend this service!

Friday, March 9, 2018

DIY Southern Patagonia: Mountains, Glaciers, Rivers, Lakes, and Sea Run Brown Trout

 Visiting Southern Patagonia?
Lodge vs. Independent Travel and Fishing

You could stay at a popular sea run brown trout fishing lodge, spending between $5-$7K USA -- just to get in the door.  You will fish for 5.5 days, but pay for a week.  Hopefully, you will catch a few trophies to make the trip memorable -- but there is never a guaranty.  Or, based on our 20 years of DIY travel/fishing experience in southern Patagonia, you could do what we think is the right, smart-sensible thing.

If you have 1-4 weeks, we HIGHLY recommend doing the following:
  1. Rent a car in a major Argentina or Chile town/destination.
  2. You must go to Torres del Paine National Park, Fitz Roy, Perito Moreno Glacier.  Be a tourist.  Go hiking. Camp. Kayak. Eat-Sleep and be Merry!
  3. If you extra time, check out Tierra del Fuego.
  4. Finally, spend 2-5 days fishing with us on the Rio Gallegos.  We offer a guided DIY, non-lodge stay, fishing program, that is ideal for people who like to see and do many things.

Why Follow our Recommendations?  
Look at the following pictures.  
These are all within reasonable drive times of each other!

What About Fishing?
 We Offer Guided DIY Fly-Fishing for Sea Run Brown Trout

Final Words

We hate selling-promoting on price, but why do less and pay more?  Southern Patagonia is one of the most unique destinations in the world -- it offers DIY travelers/anglers incredible opportunities.  We sincerely hope you take full advantage of what it has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email or call. Many thanks and hope to see you in Patagonia.

Gone Fishing,


PS. Our business is 100% by referrals (word of mouth).  Please feel free to share this amongst friends.  Also, you can follow our blog via email, Facebook or Google Plus.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

New England to Patagonia: Argentina Guided DIY Fishing Testimonial

Hola Mark. 

Here's part one of two -- Some bullet points on my trip with FCFF.

  • Pre trip contact information from Mark Foley was frequent and helpful.
  • The value of the experience far exceeded the price that we paid.  Buy your airfare early!!  We flew round trip from JFK to EZE for under $1K.
  • The guides were OUTSTANDING!!  FCFF partner/head-guide and associate guides and were beyond our expectations.  They were knowledgeable, experienced, patient and great teacher, world-class fly fisherman.
  • The guides brought us to MANY fishing locations on the Rio Malleo for walk-wade fishing.  There were four in our group.  One guide for two fishers.  Received great one on one attention and instruction.
  • Guides picked us up at the apartment promptly at 0730 and drove to first fishing spot.  We usually returned to apt at 1830, including travel time to river.  BTW, restaurants don't open in Argentina until 1800 hours.  New experience for us.
  • Do the overnight camping trip on the river.  It was a great experience.  Be SURE to view the Southern Hemisphere night sky.  It is awesome. 
  • Float trips were really great.  Fished Rio Malleo, Alumine, Collon Cura, and the Chimehuin.  Caught many, many rainbows, browns, and Perca.  Fish are wild; of good size 14" to 20" for us and they fight like crazy.
  • Nymph fishing is THE thing down there.  Nymph droppers off a dry fly and straight nymphs bouncing off the bottom.  Mark Foley told me, "if you're not dragging', you're not bragging'.  He is right!
  • Bring plenty of flies.  You'll need them, believe me.  Guides are not your source for flies.  They are, however, generous with a particular fly you may not have.
  • The landscape and scenery there is incredible.  Wide-open spaces, 13,000 foot snow covered volcano in the Andes off in the distance. 
  • We fished for 8 days and rarely saw another person, building, or vehicle.

FIRST CAST FLY FISHING offers a great guided DIY fly-fishing experience for the price we paid!

B. Geer.  New Hampshire, USA

Monday, January 15, 2018

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia: From Maine to Argentina Testimonial

Hola Mark.

The house is quiet and I finally have a moment to reflect on our fantastic Patagonia fishing adventure. 

Not withstanding my initial trepidation about old knees and a suspect ankle, I am pleased to report my personal experience was nothing less than fully amazing.  

The water was high and fast but clear, the skies crystal blue and the winds strong as promised.  Your partner and guides are the ultimate professionals; knowledgeable, patient, insightful and fun.  They knew where the fish were, what flies to use, and how best to make our presentation. 

We fished hard and were well rewarded for our efforts with healthy browns and beautiful rainbows.
Our FCFF Patagonia guided DIY fishing experience was all I could have planned and hoped for.  

My Best.

D. Peterson. Maine, USA